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1. Others will make up their own story, that’s actually fine: just focus on your own…

I’m a people-pleaser at heart, wanting to be liked AND respected, used to being ‘the good girl’ comfortable with connection over criticism (most of the time). 2018 gifted me a great reminder: despite your actions, and despite your intentions if people disagree with your choices they will make up their own version of the truth anyway (which may or may not be rooted in fact). Spending time on the worry wheel of ‘what they think of me’, ‘that’s not how it happened’ or ‘how can they say or think that’ is truly pointless. It changes nothing (apart from the levels of cortisol in your body!). I’ve learned this year that everyone writes their own story – and that’s fine. I can choose peace of mind over worry,and the world keeps turning.

#whoknew #peaceofmind #seratoninovercortisol

2. It’s who we are more than what we do that matters in the end…

We run at ridiculous speed, we juggle, we strive, we perfect and we over-function. It’s so easy day to day to get lost in the to-do’s. I’ve always tried (emphasis on the tried) to connect as a human being rather than a title, especially when we’re all ‘busy being busy’. I believe that connection, compassion and integrity are what matters most. I’ve been reminded this year that it’s in those small moments that trust is built, credibility is fostered and it’s these small moments that matter in the end because the rest takes care of itself. Some of my lovely client feedback this year has been about how I make people feel and not just what I do.

#nicereminder #kindisnotweak #permissiontobehuman

3. The fear is often worse than the reality, life is short - leap

Taking a leap of faith this year, out of the luxurious comfort blanket of employment to set up my own business took every ounce of grit that I had in me. And then some. I was completely petrified and thoroughly excited all in one hot mess. I know that ‘energy flows where attention goes’, so,each day in 2018 (with very few exceptions) I have practised what I offer to my coaching clients: I have dutifully and consciously worked on my inner dialogue, re-written some of my unhelpful habits of thinking and got a hold of my tendency to fret, catastrophise or play it safe. Call it luck, call it coincidence, 2018 has been the most successful and enjoyable professional year of my career so far.

#leapingfun #fearbegone #trustwhatswithIN