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Little Book to Reset

A little book to guide you in resetting your life, one day at a time

little book to reset

Welcome. I’m really glad you’re here. If your daily life focuses on DOING (a lot) and you often find your self-care and your own needs are waaaaay down the list, this is the little book for you. At times we all stop paying attention to how we really feel each day and live with feeling a bit ‘meh’ – a bit off track. This little book gives you a way to reset from within yourself, inside of the madness of the world around us (which is going nowhere it seems); to focus on just a few little things that will make each day feel better.

We’re usually only a couple of degrees out (here or there) day to day – but a journey of ‘a couple of degrees out’ each day will take us to a completely different destination before we know it – IF we don’t pay attention.

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What others think about the book

It’s like you know me and you know exactly what I need. I feel like this book will help me pull me back together. Thank you!

No better time for me to have picked up this book! It’s the perfect size, and it looks gorgeous

It feels like you’re in the room with me coaching me through this, I love it.

Changing my life seems too overwhelming. But the guidance and baby steps in this book make it all feel OK.

The content is so relatable and the concept is fantastic.

I love the idea of extra support being available with you in 1:1 or a group. You’ll be like my personal trainer to keep me motivated through this!

Little Book to Reset

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