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WithIN Coaching

Build greater levels of Confidence, Capability and Resilience; get your spark back

Welcome. I’m really glad you’re here.

  • Erasing any part of you, your ‘back story’, your ‘mistakes’
  • Fixing you
  • Hustling, pushing, overextending, ‘should-ing’ all over yourself

Our starting premise is that there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with you or that needs fixing. (If this is a stretch to believe right now, that’s OK, just borrow some of my belief in you for now until we dust off your own).

This is the right time for us to lay down the heavy expectations, criticism, judgments, shoulda / coulda’s…and to pause to consider (or rather, to remember):

  • What dreams, desires, goals you have buried beneath the grind or auto-pilot of daily life, well worn habits and belief systems…
  • What will really give you increased levels of fulfilment in your life
  • What a life well lived, authentically for you is – on your own terms…

I suspect you’re here because you’re somewhere in that space of ‘I no longer want X any more’ and ‘I’m not yet where I want to be instead’.

That liminal space. The space of wanting to, trying to, yearning to become more YOU. To feel more alignment, fulfilment and peace in your life or, to achieve a goal that means a lot to you.

I’m here to meet you where you are and walk alongside you in that journey.

Before we begin some things to consider, should we work together:

  • A journal would be useful for you to keep together your notes of reflection, intention and insights
  • Our time together will be a small part of your transformation, the ‘real’ work will be in between our sessions. Commitment to yourself is key in turning your intentions into daily actions / rituals and routines

My final question before we begin is this. And it requires a simple yes or no answer:

Are you ready to uncover and then achieve your goals in this process?

If the answer is a full body ‘yes’, sign up and let’s get started!


Invest in yourself

We are wired (as humans) for safety, certainty and belonging – and yet our world, our responsibilities and our lives today can push up against this wiring. We are forced to navigate uncertainty, risk, emotionally challenging circumstances, and so, we adapt behaviourally to keep going and perform. (e.g. we work harder, push harder, try harder, become more productive, intellectualise, become perfectionistic or people pleasing or perhaps we ‘play small’ in our approach). These behavioural adaptations are our ‘armour’ which may have kept us safe in the past, but as time goes on, armour becomes heavy to carry and can become extreme.

The coaching approach I take is to press pause, and gain insight into these behavioural patterns and thinking loops (our armour), not to judge or fix it, but so that we can understand how this came to be and discern what will serve better in the next chapter.


Find the right approach for you

Executive Coaching
Life Coaching

“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”

Mary Oliver

Little Book To Reset

You may wish to begin your coaching journey with a tailor-made resource: meet ‘The Little Book to Reset’. I created this six-month journal / planner to provide some guidance and structure for a reset. It’s not required, you can of course use your own journal or blank note pad. Here as an optional extra in case it takes your fancy! It includes, daily and monthly planning pages, daily gratitude, habit trackers and monthly review sections. There’s also 30 pages of coaching guidance (from me to you) upfront.

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little book to reset

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