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Dare to LeadTM

Exclusive leadership programme based on Brené Brown’s research.

Dare to lead

I am lucky enough to have been trained and certified by Dr Brené Brown herself in 2019 to deliver her amazing Dare to LeadTM curriculum. This is an empirically based courage building programme for leaders.

Join us and gain your Dare to LeadTM trained status (and badge for LinkedIN!).

You’ll learn the 4 courage building skills sets and gain precious insight in how to feel at your best and do your best as a leader in today’s world.

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Does this sound like you?

Imagine being able to lead with confidence and courage every day

We’ve all been there, trying to lead as best we can – and – sometimes it is hard…

  • Fear of making mistakes, getting it wrong and not knowing the answer
  • Feeling of not ‘fitting in’
  • Being ‘overcome’ by our physiology when under pressure
  • Worrying about upsetting others, letting others down and having to hold boundaries
  • Knowing tough conversations are needed, but finding them hard especially with more senior colleagues
  • Exhaustion becomes a status symbol, productivity and working harder seems the only option
  • Perfectionism creeps in, wanting / needing things to be right to feel ok
  • Afraid to ‘speak up’ or challenge, so staying or playing ‘small’ becomes a way of being
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dare to lead

Join me to explore the four courage building skillsets

Let me guide you through the process to becoming a daring leader

You can just buy the book and run through it quickly, but that doesn’t set habits in place, it doesn’t guide you when you get stuck and it doesn’t give you extra resources only available to certified practitioners.

  • Exclusive workbook
  • Video content by Dr Brené Brown
  • Engaging exercises
  • LinkedIN badge & Certificate
  • Guided through each step
  • Delivery by a qualified practitioner
DTL - who we are is how we lead
After This Course

You will understand the 4 skills sets of courage and have a practical toolkit to help you to stay in the arena.

Using the research and framework developed by Brené Brown I take you through the journey to becoming a daring leader.

I’d love to hear from you
  • Modelling and encouraging healthy striving, empathy, and self-compassion
  • Cultivating a culture of belonging, inclusivity, and diverse perspectives
  • Being a learner and getting it right
  • Modelling clarity, kindness, and hope
  • Making contributions and taking risks
  • Cultivating commitment and shared purpose
  • Knowing your values and living them (not just professing them)
  • Straight talking and taking action NOT at the expense of relationships

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Public courses are available via Zoom, I also run courses ‘in-house’ for Organisations.

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