My Little Book of Me

A ‘little book of little things’ to be used as a practical, one stop resource to set intentions, express gratitude, plan, reflect and track our habits. Steering away from ‘mahoosive’, abstract goals that take huge amounts of motivation and focusing in on the little things that (if we practice them each day) add up to a better version of ourselves: how we feel, how we show up and what we do. Date neutral (so you can buy this at any point in the year, not just January 1st).

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What's inside

A quick overview of what you get

This little book is not so little,here's some of the highlights:

Habit tracker

Keep yourself accountable

Gratitude each and every day

Cultivate positive mindset and emotions

Setting intentions

Be clear about where you’re heading, so you can take the first steps

Daily log

Get yourself organised

Monthly roundup

Look back, celebrate, reflect, learn

204 little pages

A chance to press pause – this little book is for you and about you