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Exclusive leadership programme based in Brené Brown's research.
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Build the 4 skillsets of courage

Build a grounded confidence

Have the tough conversations

I am lucky enough to have been trained and certified by Brené Brown herself this year in her Dare to Lead™ curriculum. This is a brilliant courage building programme for leaders, empirically based and designed to be facilitated by organisational development professionals. Join us for two days and gain your Dare to Lead™ trained status (and badge for LinkedIN!). You’ll learn the 4 courage building skills sets and gain precious insight in how to feel at your best and do your best as a leader in today’s world.

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Does this sound like you?

Imagine being able to lead with confidence and courage every day

We've all been there, trying to lead the best we can but not really sure where to go.

Fear of making mistakes while leading
Being a knower and always right
Not fitting in with your peers
Wanting power over others
Using exhaustion as a status symbol
Leading with scarcity
Zigzagging and avoiding responsibilities
Hiding behind cynicism
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The modules

4 courage building skillsets

Rumbling with Vulnerability

The absolute foundation skillset for daring leadership. Understanding the myths of vulnerability, how it shows up for you in the behaviours and habits you use to ‘self-protect’, learning to live with discomfort and the tricks to building resilience. Moving from armoured leadership to daring leadership.

Living into our Values

Operationalising and demonstrating Values rather than stating them or knowing them intellectually. Giving engaged feedback and setting clear boundaries aligned to our Values.


The anatomy of trust as a leader, the 7 things we must do as leaders to create a psychologically safe environment for our teams and ourselves.

Learning to Rise

If you’re signing up to Daring Leadership, you’re signing up to imperfection, mistakes and – not quitting. You’re also signing up to learning how to circle back, get back up and try again with integrity. The practical tools to use when we fall, to learn how to rise.

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How we make a difference

Let me guide you through the process to becoming a daring leader

You can just buy the book and run through it quickly, but that doesn't set habits in place, it doesn't guide you when you get stuck and it doesn't give you extra resources only available to certified practitioners.

Exclusive content

Video content just for course

Exclusive exercises

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Guided through it

Qualified practitioner

After this course

You will be using power with, power to, and power within

Using the research and framework developed by Brené Brown I take you through the journey to becoming a daring leader.

Modelling and encouraging healthy striving, empathy, and self-compassion
Cultivating a culture of belonging, inclusivity, and diverse perspectives
Being a learner and getting it right
Modelling clarity, kindness, and hope
Making contributions and taking risks
Cultivating commitment and shared purpose
Knowing your value
Straight talking and taking action
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