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Through executive coaching, culture acceleration and leadership development

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Growing your confidence

Building your resilience

Unlocking your genius

Does this sound like you?

Imagine being able to feel at your best and do your best every single day

I engage with what I’m told is my ‘signature sprinkle’ of empathy, connection and supportive challenge - with human beings within organisations - to help overcome these sorts of perennial problems:

Leading teams through what feels like constant change
Feeling depleted, just on the right side of ‘burnout’ and needing a top up on resilience
At times feeling like an imposter in your role
Wanting to be at your best so that you can serve your team(s) and your organisation even better
Wanting to drive a different culture that’s truly lived and breathed (not just words on the wall or coffee mugs)
Wanting to handle the tough conversations that come with leadership more expertly and comfortably
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Don’t just take our word for it

“I have loved every minute that I’ve worked with Keeley. She’s professional, astute, intuitive and intelligent and she’s also someone that I now consider a friend. She cares so deeply about the work that she does and the people that she’s working with. She helped design and deliver a world class leadership development programme. She instantly got our business culture and she has worked as my sounding board and confidante throughout the programme. I would have no hesitation in working with keeley again and would recommend her to anyone looking for a genuine professional with courage and insight.”

Sallie Barnett — Joules

“Keeley has provided strategic OD consultancy for us for a number of years. In short she is fabulous! Keen to help us identify and address the real issues, not just the symptoms, with suggestions on practical and pragmatic solutions. Does what she says, when she says, and has built trusting relationships across our organisation. It's a pleasure to work with her and she comes highly, highly recommended.”

Samantha Smith — Cambridge Fire & Rescue

“Keeley is an awesome woman. I had the privilege to work with Keeley whilst at Ofcom and she never ceased to impress me. She is hard working, committed and always does what she says she will do - her ability to deliver demanding and onerous projects in a seemingly effortless manner was quite breath-taking. At the same time, Keeley has a winning style, able to build strong relationships and friendships in the work place, and always willing to give time to colleagues who need a listening ear. I would jump at the chance to work with Keeley again.”

Heather Swain — KPMG

Keeley is one of those people who you feel a connection with instantly, who sees you for who you really are, and has an amazing ability to hone in on exactly what you need to think about/work on, whilst simultaneously making you feel like you can take on anything! I had the privilege of working with Keeley at a difficult time in my life, and yet it turned into a time that became the most opportune - when I found myself with some amazing choices, and now am embarking on the job of my dreams. I genuinely believe that Keeley facilitated me getting to this point so quickly and so emphatically. In addition to one-to-one coaching, I also worked with Keeley as part of a leadership team, and her ability to address the nub of the problem in a way that ensures everyone feels part of the solution, and inspires a desire to do better, is something that every team should be striving for.

Lysa Hardy — Hotel Chocolat

Keeley has a really uncommon blend of creativity, and pragmatism - so the approach will be distinctive but it’ll work as well! She’s also so enthusiastic, humble and eager to learn even though she’s so experienced and knowledgeable as it is. Another thing is that she is brave enough and authentic enough that she will always – constructively and with tact - give her honest opinion and/or clearly point out the elephant in the room when the situation calls for it.

The thing distinctive thing that has stood out for me though as a client of Keeley’s for the past 18 months or so is this. Keeley really really cares. About the success of the project of course, about delivering purposeful outcomes for the organisation certainly but she also cares about YOU.

Spencer Lord — Yorkshire Building Society Group

Keeley is passionate about assisting organisations to understand the fundamentals of organisational success lie in the behaviours and associated cultures these behaviours create. I have worked with Keeley over the past 3 years, as she has supported our leadership and organisational development programme. A skilled facilitator with exceptional communication skills. This has enabled her to create trusted relationships right across the organisation . As a result she is quickly able to not only offer the advice and support you would expect from someone in her role but crucially tailor this to the needs of your own organisation.

Keeley is flexible in her approach, yet determined to ensure that results are driven from her programmes. As a skilled executive coach she is able to provide a safe space for senior leaders to be honest about their own and their organisations failures, and then equally equipped at providing the support, tools and techniques that enable organisations to take action and measure the results.

Rick Hylton — Cambridgeshire Fire & Rescue Service
What we do

We focus on building greater levels of Confidence, Capability and Resilience.

Executive coaching

Providing a confidential space to pause and remove the 'professional armour' and move forward with your goals.

Unlock problems and choose meaningful actions to towards a goal
Focus on a re-set, a new challenge or ongoing issue
Uses behavioural science and psychology
Tailored workshops

Workshops tailored to helping each individual feel better equipped to deal with their challenges.

Engaging and tailor made workshops
Creative learning to give a mix of information, guidance and input
Pragmatic tools and practices to help bring learning back into reality
Culture Acceleration

Having values on the walls (and the mugs!), with frameworks for behaviours sends a good signal - and is not enough to drive cultural change.

Accelerate towards your desired culture
Making a difference with the art and science of behavioural change
Use advanced techniques such as social copying and viral change
Espresso Sessions

Designed for busy people, a series of short, focussed sessions which add value quickly, and can be fitted into a busy schedules easier than workshops.

Engaging and thought provoking sessions
Topics such as resilience, inner dialogue, imposter syndrome, perfectionism, how to make and sustain habits
Generating interest and energy around important topics for your team and organisation
Leadership Development

We design and deliver leadership development programmes that go hand in hand with the real context that leaders are facing.

Bringing theories and skills into the real world of a leader
Working with leaders through coaching, personality assessment, feedback and group sessions
Deepening self awareness so teams can be at their best, thrive and perform

Large group presentations anchored in your organisational context and delivered with humour, empathy, practicality and energy.

Co-designed to ensure relevance for your audience
Good dose of ‘so what’
Not just an intellectual approach

Build courage with Dare to Lead™

My approach

Our how

We guide the humans beings within your organisation through tailor made programmes to apply the ‘real stuff’ that supports growth and performance. Our process always brings it back to how it can be applied in the real world, straight away. 

Where are you now

We start with truly listening to understand the journey you are on and why. Looking at your obstacles, barriers, opportunities and risks.

Let me help you close the gap

Where you're trying to get to

We then work together to design a bespoke set of creative and practical solutions to help meet your goals.


Some kind words from our clients

Mix of information, videos and simple visuals. Examples of the theory, great delivery, warm and friendly.

Delivered in an engaging way and easy to trust/engage openly in the content.

Keeley is an excellent coach and provides a safe space for senior leaders to be honest about their own and their Organisations failings, and then is equally equipped at providing support and tools to take action’

The pace and explanation was good. Keeley created a good space for conversation.

The whole presentation was excellent, delivered really well and went into context with various points.

Keeley has a really uncommon blend of creativity and pragmatism. She is so enthusiastic, humble and brave and is authentic enough to give an honest opinion, with tact, when a situation calls for it.

Very engaging presenter and very knowledgable. Able to respond to all questions without hesitation.

Keeley herself was great at delivering the content.

The work Keeley has done with our Organisation has transformed us and our culture more than any other supplier in the 38 years of my career!

My values

Who I am

A 15 year dash on the corporate, global treadmills of Telecoms, Financial Services, IT and Regulation as a senior leader and learning & development professional. The ‘treadmill training’ got me fit for an 8 year ‘run in the outside world’ of consulting (alongside some pretty awesome clients).

This combined with a heavy dose of my own ‘life experiences’ which taught me, in no uncertain terms, what the theory books just can’t nail. I love engaging at a human level with what I’m told is my ‘signature sprinkle’ of empathy, connection and supportive challenge.

My job isn't just what I do, it's who I am.


I try to make generous assumptions every day. I believe that everyone is doing the best they can with what they have. My job helps people develop insight, awareness, knowledge and skills so that - when they know and feel better – they can do better. Holding kindness alongside clear boundaries (for myself and others) is also what I mean by wholehearted: a good balance of support and challenge.


Whether a CEO or a child, we’re all united by the human condition. I believe in connecting with the human being behind the title, focusing on the person not the issue.

Humour / Gratitude

Life can be a pretty tough gig at times. I believe that laughter, joy, gratitude, creativity and fun are not only ‘allowed’ but are actually required for us to feel at our best in this 24/7, crazy busy world today.


I try to guide what I do by how it is of true service to other people. I truly believe that the little moments where we give, can make a lifetime of difference to others. Whether that’s our time, a smile, our advice through our work or even something material. Giving back makes a difference – isn’t that why we’re all here? To make a difference?


I don’t think any of us are ever the ‘finished article’. We can all learn, grow, improve, stretch and strive for even more excellence at work and at home. With that comes more success and contentment. Life inside the comfort zone is cosy and safe; stretching ourselves into our genius zone takes courage but IS worth it.

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